Mediation provides an opportunity for the parties to seek a solution to an issue on a ‘without prejudice’ basis. The parties retain control. This is a voluntary process and it does not compromise the rights of the parties in any way: one or other of them can terminate the mediation process at any stage, they can later attempt mediation again, or they can proceed to court. Mediation is usually quicker and cheaper than court proceedings and can lead to a formal binding agreement.

Kishani is an effective, commercially-driven mediator with a gift for communication. A solicitor of 13 years’ litigation experience, now running her own law firm, Kishani Navin is accredited as a mediator through Clerksroom, London. She now mediates commercial and private disputes with a particular interest in encouraging collaboration between people of different cultures or values.

She is exceptional at clarifying the issues and has a real skill at getting to the root cause of the conflict. She is able to move the parties swiftly from confrontation to cooperation.

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